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High automatic palletizer


Introduction of SW-ASH-1200 high-position automatic palletizer products:

SW-ASH-1200 automatic high-position palletizer is a kind of automatic palletizer equipment with large size compared with manipulator palletizer and low-position palletizer. As its name implies, the high-position palletizer has relatively larger height and installation size; high-position palletizer is a special high-speed automatic palletizer mechanical equipment.
Fully automatic high-position palletizer is usually used with full-automatic packaging machine. It is generally used as a fully automatic bagging, automatic weighing, automatic folding and sealing, weight detection, metal detection, error removal machinery, automatic whole bag mechanism, pouring and guiding bags into conveyor, packaging bags posture adjustment, packaging bags grouping, stacking, lifting mechanism to form an automatic packing and palletizing production line. 。
Both high-position palletizer and manipulator palletizer are automatic palletizer equipment for finished packing bags (boxes).

Main differences between automatic high-position palletizer and manipulator palletizer:

1. Different applications
Manipulator palletizer has a wide range of applications. High-position palletizer can be used in packing bags, boxes and so on. It is mainly used in the palletizing production line of packing bags.
2. Differences in Installation and Use
Comparatively speaking, the installation of the manipulator is more flexible. It can put several specifications of the finished product packaging bags (boxes) at the same time, which can meet the needs of the finished products transmitted by three transmission lines. The high-position palletizer can only pack bags of one size and one conveyor line. The stacking effect shows that the high-position palletizer has great advantages, the maximum speed per hour can reach 1600 packages, and the stacking shape is neat and beautiful, and the packing bag is not easy to slip.  Manipulator palletizer's single grasp can generally reach 800 bags per hour, and the two-handed grasp can reach 1200 bags or so. One disadvantage of the manipulator is that if the position and posture of the bag are not accurate, it is easy to scratch the bag. The stacking type is much worse than that of high-position palletizer and manual palletizer, but this problem does not exist for high-position palletizer.
3. The power of the equipment is almost the same, but the service life and the use cost are quite different.
4. The formation of high-position palletizer is neat, which is incomparable to that of manipulator palletizer.
5. The high-position palletizer can be used for 15 years, but the service life of the manipulator palletizer is usually 5-8 years.
6. High-position palletizers are widely used, and can be used in any area. Manipulator palletizers can not be used in Plateau areas. All inland areas of Northwest China basically use high-position palletizers, and it is difficult to use manipulators.
7. The use cost of high-position palletizer is low, and the use cost of manipulator is high.

The working principle of SW-ASH-1200 high-position automatic palletizer:

1. Bag lifting: The finished bulk material bags are folded and sealed after filling the bags. The finished bags are standing, pushed down by cylinders to make the bags lie flat, then rotated by discs to make the bags back to the middle of the conveyor belt, and then the bags are put into the lifting belt. Adjustment baffles are installed on both sides of the lifting belt to adjust the bags to the stipulations. Location. The lifting belt elevates the packing bag to the palletizer platform.
2. Packing Bag Flattening: Bulk materials in packaging bags are generally vertical, with more lower materials and less upper materials. Although some materials in the lying state will flow to a section of less materials, the self-admitted flowing materials will not form the same amount of materials at both ends of the packaging bags. All materials need to be balanced by vibrating conveyor in order to achieve a high consistency of materials at both ends of the packaging bag. If it is powder material, the packing bag needs to be pressed into a flat shape by a flattening conveyor.
3. Servo Bag Rotary Mechanism: The general shape of palletizing is a layer of 2 + 3 bags. The sealing end of packaging bags conveyed by conveyor is oriented in one direction. All servo mechanisms adjust the opening of packaging bags to different directions according to the needs of stacking type.
4. Marshalling mechanism: Generally, there are five bags in each layer, divided into two rows, of which three bags are arranged vertically and two bags are arranged horizontally. According to the established procedure, the first is two rows of vertical bags and three rows of horizontal bags, the second is three rows of vertical bags and two rows of horizontal bags. The marshalling mechanism weaves the packaging bags and pushes the bags to the lifting mechanism, and stacks the bags.
5. Lifting and palletizing: Five packages placed are first flattened by a flattener, which is the greatest advantage different from a manipulator palletizer. The packing bags of a manipulator palletizer can only be put away. The palletizing of a high-position palletizer is flattened after putting them in place, and the stacking types of all high-position palletizers are more neat. After flattening the packing bag, the pulling board opens to both sides, and the packing bag falls into the tray below, completing the stacking of one layer of packing bag, and the same principle completes the stacking of two to N layers of packing bag.
6. Palletizing Conveyor: After palletizing, pallets are sent out of palletizing mechanism by conveyor, and then the pallets are removed by forklift or traveling car.
7. The working principle of pallet warehouse: pallet warehouse of high-position palletizer is the same as pallet warehouse of manipulator palletizer. Pallet warehouse is the "warehouse" where pallets are empty. Pallet warehouse is an accessory part of high-position palletizer and manipulator palletizer, and it is one of its mechanisms. Forklift truck or manual empty pallet into the pallet warehouse, when the palletizing mechanism needs empty pallet, pallet warehouse lifting mechanism will lift the entire empty pallet, leaving the bottom pallet, conveyor will transport the bottom pallet to the palletizing machine for palletizing, pallet hoist will put the remaining empty pallet down, so as to complete the transport of a layer of empty pallets.

8. The operation of high-position palletizer can save the cost of pallets by forklifting bags and fixing pallets without using pallets in pallets. But at the same time, it increases the difficulty and cost of loading. Considering the cost of using pallets, the majority of large and medium-sized customers still choose to use pallets and pallets.

Functional features of SW-ASH-1200 high-position automatic palletizer:

The high-position palletizer has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the stacking requirements of various packaging bags.
High-position palletizer has a high degree of automation (automatic flattening, automatic bagging, automatic hierarchical grouping);
All the bags of high-position palletizer are facing inward with beautiful and firm palletizing shape.
Compared with the traditional manual palletizing machine, the high-position palletizing machine has higher efficiency and saves manual investment.
High-position palletizer can be used for pallets of various materials and sizes.
The structure of high-position palletizer is reasonable and the stability of equipment is high.

Technical parameters of SW-ASH-1200 automatic high-position palletizer

Product model: SW-ASH-1200

Palletizing capacity: 1200 bag/h

Palletizing Layer Number: 1-8 Layers

Power supply: AC380V 50Hz

Air pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Power: 16kw

Air consumption: 1.5m³/min

Scope of application: boxes, film bags, packaging bags (polypropylene, polyethylene woven bags, kraft paper bags)

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