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From 1996 to2023, Has been doing packaging scales, automatic packaging machines, loading machine production lines。

Full-automatic packing scale,Full-automatic Packing Machine
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Brief Introduction of Sunweigh Hanworld Machine (Shandong) Co. Ltd.

Sunweigh Hanworld Machine (Shandong) Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automatic bagging machine, automatic packing machine, palletizing machine and equipment.

From 1996 to 2018, the company has been producing electronic quantitative packaging scales.

The company's main products: automatic packaging scale, high-level palletizer, automatic bagging machine, automatic bagging machine, ton bag packaging scale, granular packaging scale, powder packaging scale, flow scale, liquid filling scale, automatic batching equipment system, airflow conveying system equipment, bag breaker, bagging station, automatic valve mouth scale.

The SW-ABF automatic bagging machine developed by the company has won the national invention patent and is at the domestic advanced level in the field of automatic bagging machine. SW-ABF-800 automatic packing machine equipped with mechanical hand bagging machine has been widely used in the field of powder automatic packing and palletizing in China.

In the process automation transformation of chemical industry, SW-ABF-800 automatic packaging machine can completely replace manual packaging with high speed and high precision, which improves the packaging speed and accuracy, and reduces the production cost.

High-speed automatic palletizing machine SW-ABF-800 is a high-position palletizing machine, which is equipped with SEW reducer, Siemens PLC and Siemens servo motor. It has a great advantage over the manipulator palletizing machine in the Northwest Plateau area. As a professional manufacturer of valve port packaging scale, the company's three types of valve port packaging scale in the domestic market of chemical industry, starch, refractory industry has a large number of customers: DCS-QLF-25/50 valve port scale is a valve port packaging machine using spiral airflow feeding; DCS-LF-25/50 valve port packaging scale is a valve port packaging machine using spiral feeding; DCS-25QF Valve Port Quantitative Packaging Scale is a fully automatic valve port packaging machine using pneumatic feeding.


The company has rich experience in producing tonnage bag packing weighers. DCS-1000-DG-W and DCS-1000-DN-T are widely used, and tonnage packing weighers of alumina and cement are more and more used. DCS-1000-DN-T is a weighing method on sensors, equipped with a 1500X3000 horseshoe chain conveyor, using instruments with PLC function to improve the packaging speed and accuracy. According to the different packaging materials, dust collectors are needed to be installed for dust removal, and vacuum pumping system is needed for ultra-fine powder packaging; DCS-1000-DG-W uses weighing method with bottom sensors, after packaging is completed, it is transported directly by forklift truck. The general packing range of the ton bag packing scale is 500 kg-2000 tons.

Automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800 is equipped with high-precision sensors, high-end instruments, high-performance solid-state relays, imported vacuum pumps, latex abrasion-resistant suckers, and full-automatic folding sealing machine. According to the needs of customers, automatic weighing scale and automatic metal testing instruments are selected to eliminate unqualified packaging. Automatic packaging scale SW-ABF-800 needs to be equipped with dust remover and vacuum when it is used to pack powder materials. 

SW-ASH-1200 full-automatic high-position palletizing machine is a substitute for the mechanical palletizing machine. It has the advantages of high speed, integral palletizing, good environmental applicability, low cost, simple maintenance and good promotion market.

SW-ABF-800 automatic packing scale and SW-ASH-1200 automatic high-position palletizer are used together, which can perfectly solve the packing and palletizing problems of enterprises, directly save labor costs and realize unmanned workshop. The company has established a complete after-sales service system. After careful training, the after-sales personnel have the skills of automatic packaging scale and high-position palletizer maintenance, and are proficient in the use of SW-ABF-800 automatic packaging scale and SW-ASH-1200 high-position palletizer.

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