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Sunweigh allow pets to eat healthy food

From ancient times to the present, human beings rely on pets more and more widely, and pets are becoming more and more important to human beings. For example, the dog's help in human beings is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:
1, the daily life of dogs and human contact frolic, can increase people's interest in life. When you finish one day, came home tired, see around the knee to the dog after all my fatigue unpleasant thrown to the winds.  There are many elderly people, because their children are busy with their work. They have raised dogs or cats. Pets have given spiritual support to the elderly, avoiding them from being lonely everyday and redeveloping their confidence in life. Children love small animal and love of nature through the cultivation of a pure positive heart, and studies have shown that dogs are of great help to the treatment of diseases in children with dementia and autism, there are a lot of people every year for charity, bring their dogs to orphanages or children's mental disease treatment center condolences to the children there, bring them happiness. Some people with hypertension or heart disease patients can lower the blood pressure and heart disease of dogs and cats touch exchange recurrence.
2, in social activities, there are dogs searching for dangerous goods in airports, ports or large public places. Dogs also have guided dogs for blind people.
3, because the research characteristics of dog anatomy characteristics and people very close, so the dog as the experimental animal, in the study of nutrition physiology and pathology of genetic medicine surgical radiology medicine.

The status of the pet industry:

With the acceleration of the development of social economy and the process of city, people's spiritual life and the continuous improvement of material life, society and accelerate the pace of aging, highlights the one-child family and DINK families the popularity of objective factors such as the people's leisure consumption, and emotional sustenance has diversified development. Pets have gone into the homes of the common people, and raising pets is a necessary way to make a family.  People's idea of pets has gradually changed from playthings to a spiritual sustenance. As the demand for pets is increasing, a new industry - the pet industry emerges as the times require. Since pets can relieve human stress and improve human health, pets have become more and more popular. With the improvement of the human living standard, the quality of life is increasing while the number of pets is increasing. People buy food, clothing, accessories for their pets, receive medical treatment, cosmetology, domestication and other services, thus forming a booming pet industry. The pet industry refers to all pet related industries, the pet industry chain including pets, pet food, pet supplies, pet health, pet grooming, pet training, pet insurance, Pet Cremation, the emergence of this industry is to improve the living standards of the people improve the consumption level of the results, a kind of social phenomenon and I under the condition of China's reform and opening up.
With the increase of pet, pet food demand will climb. With the increase of national income, most pet friends live at a fast pace. They do not have the time or energy to cook for their pets, nor do they want to eat the rest of the food for their pets. They are willing to spend money on pets and buy healthy and nutritious food for their pets. This has also accelerated the development of the pet food industry. At the same time, the requirements of each pet food processing industry are becoming higher and higher. With this opportunity in Sunweigh, the automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800 for pet food is developed.
The device can meet the 20-50 kg bag paper bag, woven bag (film) can meet the demand of different feeding mode, according to different materials can meet 200-1200 bags / hour speed packaging, the company also produces the packaging machine for the perfect partner, high automatic palletizing machine SW-ASH-1200 and machine Palletizer SW-ASRS. High position automatic palletizing machine can be stacking 8 layers, the palletizing speed is very fast, the code pattern is beautiful and tidy. The mechanic palletizing machine can be packed in three production lines at the same time, and the enterprise only needs to carry the packing bag after the palletizing with a forklift. At the same time, the cost of production is saved and the customers agree.

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