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Application of Automatic Packaging Machine in Water Soluble Fertilizer Industry

As we all know, fertilizer is a kind of material that provides one or more essential nutrients for plants, improves soil properties and soil fertility level, and is one of the material bases of agricultural production. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, China had known that field weeds could promote the growth of millet barley after decay. Fertilizers are compounds that help plants grow. There are many kinds and brands of fertilizers on the market, which can be divided into inorganic fertilizers and organic fertilizers according to their components, including ammonium phosphate fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers with a large number of elements, medium element fertilizers, biological fertilizers, organic fertilizers and multi-dimensional field energy concentrated organic fertilizers. According to the applicable object, it can be divided into field fertilizer, household fertilizer, garden fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, green fertilizer and other fertilizers, which are usually directly used in the soil, or sprayed on the leaves. The role of water-soluble fertilizer is determined by its own conditions. Water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements is a multi-component compound fertilizer which can be completely soluble in water. It can quickly dissolve in water and is easier to be absorbed by crops. Moreover, its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. More importantly, it can be applied to facility agriculture such as drip irrigation to realize the integration of water and fertilizer, thus saving water, fertilizer and labor. Efficiency. Generally speaking, water-soluble fertilizers can contain all the nutrients needed for crop growth, such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S and trace elements. In this way, people can design formula according to the nutrient requirement characteristics of crop growth. Scientific formula will not cause waste of fertilizer, making its fertilizer utilization rate almost 2-3 times that of conventional compound fertilizer (in our country, the fertilizer utilization rate of common compound fertilizer is only 30-40%). Secondly, water-soluble fertilizer is a quick-acting fertilizer, which can make the growers faster. Seeing the effect and performance of fertilizer, the fertilizer formula can be adjusted according to the different growth of crops at any time. Of course, the application method of water-soluble fertilizer is very simple. It can be applied with irrigation water, including sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. It not only saves water, fertilizer, but also saves labor. The benefits of using water-soluble fertilizer are obvious in today's increasingly high labor cost. Because water-soluble fertilizer is irrigated with water, it makes fertilization extremely uniform, which also lays a solid foundation for improving yield and quality. Water-soluble fertilizers are generally less impurities, low conductivity, and easy to adjust the concentration, so it is safe even for young seedlings, without worrying about the adverse consequences such as burning seedlings.

At the same time, according to the requirements of crops, water-soluble fertilizers with large amounts of elements should have the following technical characteristics at the same time:

1. The composition of water-soluble chelating trace elements should avoid antagonistic effect with phosphorus.

2. For crops, it has the characteristics of stress resistance and yield increase. It can significantly improve the photosynthesis of crops, improve the yield and quality of crops, increase sugar content, enhance the resistance to cold, drought, disease and lodging, and prolong the shelf life.

3. The addition of high potassium formula can quickly meet the demand for potassium when the fruit and grain are enlarged, increase the sweetness of the fruit, improve the color of the fruit and prolong the storage time.

Water-soluble fertilizer is widely used all over the world because it is very easy to dissolve in water quickly and easily absorbed by crops, and its use is very simple. Due to the inherent characteristics and advantages of water-soluble fertilizers, many companies in the world attach great importance to them, such as Weifang Banger Bioengineering Co., Ltd. (China Red), Shandong Cultivation Fertilizer Industry (Qiaoneng 648), Shandong Zhengyuan Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd. (Xinongwang Water-soluble Fertilizer), etc.

Because water-soluble fertilizer itself is soluble in water, it requires more rigorous packaging. However, Zaozhuang Sunweigh Co., Ltd. just overcomes the shortcomings of imprecise weighing caused by impurities, adhesives, canopy and caking caused by moisture easily contacting with air. The fully automatic packaging machine developed by Sunweigh technology meets the feeding mode of different material properties and can be used for particulate materials in addition.  Gravity feeding mode, spiral feeding mode of powder material, can also be used for packaging of mixtures. In addition, a vibration motor and a vertical mixer are installed, so that no residue is left in the material to achieve the weight accuracy.  The machine is mainly composed of bagging machine, packaging scale, automatic folding machine, sewing machine and finished product conveyor. It can complete automatic bagging, bagging, weighing, measuring, moving import and sewing output. The whole process only needs one person to manage the machine, which greatly reduces the situation that the former semi-automatic packaging machine needs three people to operate, and fundamentally reduces the cost of expenditure.  The equipment is controlled by PLC, which makes it easy to find out the faults and is beneficial to the maintenance of the equipment. It can pack paper bags, woven bags (coatings) and double-sided composite bags weighing more than 80G. According to the different characteristics of materials, the packing speed can reach 200-1200 bags/hour. Zaozhuang Sunweigh also developed valve-mouth packaging machine and liquid filling machine and liquid packaging scale to meet the packaging needs of water-soluble fertilizer valve-mouth packaging bags, which solved the difficult problem of water-soluble fertilizer in the selection of packaging bags.

More consultation on water-soluble fertilizer packaging machine calls Zaozhuang Sunweigh: 86-0632-3359032

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