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Automatic Packaging Machine


Automatic Packaging Machine SW-ABF-800 Product Introduction:

The difference between packaging machine and fully automatic packaging machine: Generally speaking, packaging machine refers to semi-automatic packaging machine, i.e. manual bagging, after weighing the finished material into the packaging bag for folding sealing or direct sealing or thermal sealing. The characteristics of semi-automatic packaging machine are generally automatic weighing, bagging is artificial, all called semi-automatic packaging machine.

Unlike semi-automatic packaging machine, automatic packaging machine is usually also called automatic packaging machine or automatic packaging machine. All the process is automatically completed by machine and equipment: automatic packaging bag finishing, automatic bagging by manipulator, automatic weighing of materials, automatic process detection and correction, automatic filling of materials into packaging bags, automatic folding and sealing of packaging bags, the whole process is completed by PLC. Automatic control, without manual participation.

The process (work) of automatic Packaging Machine:

1. Auto-finishing of empty bags: Because of the irregular production process and transportation process, the newly purchased empty bags have irregular opening, and the bonding between bags and bags. The packaging enterprises do not need cold-cutting to adopt hot-cutting technology, which causes the opening of vacuum suckers to be difficult, and the opening of bags needs to be handled by bagging equipment. The newly purchased packaging bags can enter the next process only after the above processes are processed. The requirements of automatic packaging machine for packaging bags: the new packaging bags must be at least one side covered with film, and the bags without film on both sides can not be used. Both double-layer and film-covered bags can be used normally. Generally, the weight of the packaging bags is more than 80 grams.

2. Packaging bag delivery (suction): Qualified empty packaging bags are sucked up by vacuum suckers. The lifting mechanism raises the bags to a certain height. The mobile mechanism sends the bags to the opening position. The finishing mechanism adjusts the bags to the appropriate position and the opening of the bags is propped up by the opening process.

3. Opening of bags: Vacuum suckers press the bags from both sides at the same time, then move from the top to the bottom, sucking the bags open. According to the size of the bag and the performance of the inside and outside bags, the number and size of the opening sucker should be determined by testing. Bag technology determines the success rate of bagging. Many bagging failures are due to the failure of opening bags, resulting in the failure of grasping bagging manipulator, or inadequate bagging, bag mouth is not standardized, even if the bagging manipulator succeeds in grasping bags, bagging will not be standardized, resulting in irregular bag mouth eventually, the possible consequence is the failure of folding and sealing process, resulting in leakage of packaging bags.

4. Bagging: The Bagging Manipulator developed by Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. has won the national invention patent. The patent of the upper bag manipulator (the working process of the upper bag manipulator) is described as follows: the bag taking mechanism consists of a connecting arm, which is articulated with two upper support arms and two lower support arms, respectively. A telescopic mechanism is articulated between the back end of the upper support arm and the back end of the lower support arm, one side of the upper support arm is articulated with an upper clamp arm, and the front end of the upper clamp arm corresponds with the front end of the upper support arm. The upper jacket cylinder is articulated between the back end of the upper jacket arm and the upper jacket arm, and the lower jacket arm is articulated on one side of the lower jacket arm. The front end of the lower jacket arm corresponds to the front end of the lower jacket arm, and the lower jacket cylinder is articulated between the back end of the lower jacket arm and the lower jacket arm. The telescopic mechanism is a single-cylinder double-arm cylinder, a single-cylinder single-arm cylinder or a connecting rod mechanism. The upper arm is located on the outside or inside of the upper arm, and the lower arm is located on the outside or inside of the lower arm. The utility model is used on an automatic bag-feeding packaging machine, and the size of the bag opening can be adjusted synchronously in the process of bag taking and bagging, so that the bag opening and the hopper can be closely fitted to meet the needs of various material packaging, and the use effect is good.

5. Filling of materials: After empty packaging bags are put into the outlet, automatic detection device detects whether the packaging bags are in place. After confirming that the packaging bags are in place, weighing qualified materials are put into the packaging bags to complete the filling of materials.

6. Transfer, folding and sealing of packing bags: The filling bags move forward through conveyor, and the whole bag mechanism tidies the bags, then imports the folding machine for folding and sealing, and completes the automatic packaging of materials.

7. The control system of automatic packaging machine: the automatic packaging machine is controlled by PLC, and the touch screen carries out data management and human-computer communication. For the whole automatic packaging machine, stable operation is the most important. High quality accessories are the main factors to ensure product quality.

Functional Characteristics of Automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800

1. The automatic packaging machine for woven bags can realize automatic packing, automatic opening and absorbing, automatic moving and loading, automatic weighing and measuring, counting, filling, moving output and importing automatic folding and sewing bags of automatic sewing machine. The whole process of packaging is fully automated, digitized and unmanned, environmentally friendly and low energy consumption.

2. The unit is controlled by touch screen. It is convenient to operate, switch specifications and maintain. It is safe and reliable. The whole set of equipment has complete automatic detection procedures, automatic deviation correction, automatic fault detection prompts, convenient maintenance. The operation of equipment is personalized without manual involvement. The automatic fault alarm prompts the operator to locate the fault and its phenomenon, as well as the method of fault detection and treatment.

3. Automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800 can be used in any process line that needs packaging bags to realize the automation of material packaging process.

Technical parameters of SW-ABF-800 automatic Packaging Machine

1. Fully automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800 packaging range: 20-50 kg bagged products;

2. Packaging materials: paper bags, woven bags (film), double-layer composite bags;

3. Packing speed: 200-1200 packages per hour (Packing speed varies according to material)

4. Packaging accuracy: 0.2%

5. Packaging materials: According to different materials, different feeding methods can be selected. It can be packaged with particulate matter, powder material, flake or mixture material.

6. Compressed air: 0.4-0.8 MPa, maximum gas consumption  1.6m³/min;

7. Power supply: 6.2Kw AC380V (+10% 50Hz);

Automatic Packaging Machine SW-ABF-800 Main Configuration:

Specifications and models
Automatic weighing unit
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Vacuum extraction system (pick out and buy)
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Storage hopper
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 unit
Material level meter
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Electronic Quantitative Scale
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Platform framework
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Automatic Packaging Unit
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Bag feeder
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Bagging machine
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Vertical bag conveyor
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Automatic Sealing Unit
1 set
Needle Sealer or Heavy Film Bag Thermal Sealer
1 set
Clamp shaping machine
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set
Vacuum pump
1 set
Ink jet printer
1 set
Metal Testing Machine (optional)
1 set
Weight Inspection and Removal Institutions (Optional)
Zaozhuang Sunweigh
1 set

Guide for Selection and Purchase of Automatic Packaging Machine SW-ABF-800

The primitive man evolved from naked to later wearing bark and leaves to modern man's silk and brocade. Bulk packaging from manual weighing into packaging bags to semi-automatic weighing packaging to automatic packaging, which is the inevitable choice of every enterprise, is a necessary evolutionary process. Using full automatic packaging instead of manual packaging, machine replacement is a historical choice, just like rain, natural and unchangeable.

Customers should choose automatic packaging machine for the following reasons:

1. Buy more expensive, use less expensive, in addition to electricity, do not eat or drink, do not tire, do not complain, do not bonus, do not rest. It's very, very cheap. It costs hundreds of dollars a month.

2. Find someone to look at it. As long as you don't turn it off, it keeps doing it.

3. Work without aliasing, accurate and standardized, high packaging accuracy, environmental protection and green.

4. 24 hours a day.

Reasons for Customers Not Choosing Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

1. The price of automatic packaging machine is unreasonable and the purchase cost is high. It is suggested that the manufacturers of automatic packaging machine sell directly and the agents are responsible for after-sales service.

2. The performance of automatic packaging machine can not meet the requirements of customers'materials.

3. There are many kinds of packaging bags for customers, and the automatic packaging machine can not meet the size of all packaging bags.

4. Changing the packaging bags will increase the cost.

5. The customer's impression is that the performance of the automatic packaging machine is not good, so they are afraid not to use it.

6. Fully automatic packaging machine manufacturer product quality garbage.

7. The product performance is unstable, and it can not be used well. There are no small problems in big problems.

8. Quantitative automatic packaging machine has a small application range.

The problems that must be clarified when purchasing automatic Packaging Machine

1. The characteristics of packaging materials: powder (water content, specific gravity, mesh number, fluidity, stacking angle, gas content) particulate matter (shape, specific gravity, fluidity, material performance, hardness) mixture material (stacking angle, specific gravity, material content, material shape, finished material shape)

2. Speed and accuracy: As long as the problem is solved by semi-automatic packaging machine, the automatic packaging machine will surely have no problem.

3. The characteristics of packing bags: single-layer bags (covered or covered on one side), multiple bags (inside and outside bags), whether M-side or not.

4. Environmental Performance Requirements: Whether it is necessary to vacuum and dust well.

5. Fully automatic packaging machine manufacturers must have good industry performance. As we all know, it is one thing to do well and one thing to do well.  Some equipment manufacturers even do not do a good job of semi-automatic packaging machine, how can we do a good job of automatic packaging machine.

6. Installation Dimension and Site Location

7. Be highly equipped, or you will not buy a full-automatic packaging machine, but an annoying trouble. It's a pity to throw it away. It can't be used uselessly.

8. The price of automatic packaging machine is always a key point for customers to choose. The performance-price ratio plays an important role in the selection of automatic packaging machine for small and medium-sized customers. The manufacturers of automatic packaging machine should have a clear understanding of this point, and the question of whether they want market share or profit is once again placed in front of the manufacturers of automatic packaging machines.


After-sales Service and Cautions in Use of Automatic packaging machine SW-ABF-800

For bulk material manufacturers, automatic packaging machine is the most precise and technical product on the production line.

Video case of automatic Packaging Machine:

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