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Full - automatic packaging machine for organic fertilizer

    The automatic packaging machine for organic fertilizer can be divided into two types: gravity feeding type packaging machine and belt feeding type packaging machine. The gravity feeding full-automatic packaging machine is mainly suitable for full-automatic packaging of granular organic fertilizer, and the granules are relatively dry. Belt - fed packing machines mainly face powdery organic fertilizers with high water content, and usually the water content of powdery organic fertilizers can reach about 30%. Zaozhuang Sunweigh co., ltd. according to the company's more than 20 years of development experience of producing organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine,the machine can meet the requirements of different organic fertilizer materials automatic packaging.

Introduction of Automatic Packaging Machine for Organic Fertilizer

      The full-automatic packaging machine for granular organic fertilizer adopts a double weighing system, which mainly comprises a packaging buffer bin part, a weighing hopper, an automatic bag feeding system, an automatic folding mechanism, a sack closing mechanism and a control system. Materials enter into the two weighing hoppers respectively through the buffer storage bins, and the weighing hoppers automatically weigh the weight of the materials. When the preset target is reached, the control system automatically closes the feeding mechanism, the automatic bag loading system automatically feed the packaging bag to the blanking port, the control system receives the signal that the packaging machine is to be completed, the weighing hoppers automatically fill the materials weighed in advance into the packaging bag, the packaging bag is conveyed to the hemming machine and the sewing machine by the conveyor for packaging operation, and finally the packaging process of the granular organic fertilizer is completed through the output of the conveyor.
    Compared with the packaging of granular organic fertilizers, powdered organic fertilizers are quite different in the process of full-automatic packaging. Due to the relatively high water content of powdered organic fertilizers in general, the traditional packaging method is easy to cause the material sticking phenomenon of organic fertilizer packaging machines. The organic fertilizer packaging machine developed and produced by Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., ltd. adopts the packaging method of combining the mixing teeth in the bin and belt feeding, thoroughly solves the packaging problem of powdery organic fertilizer with high water content, and reaches the leading level in China.

Functional Characteristics of Automatic Packaging Machine for Organic Fertilizer

   The full-automatic packaging machine for organic fertilizer can realize automatic sorting of packaging bags, automatic picking and opening of bags, automatic move to feed the bags, automatic weighing and metering, automatic filling, automatic folding and sewing, and automatic output. Realize the full automation, digitization, unmanned, environmental protection and low energy consumption of the packaging process;

   The organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine adopts touch screen design, which is simple and convenient to operate. The whole set of equipment has complete automatic detection procedures, automatic deviation correction, automatic fault detection system, easy maintenance. The operation of the equipment is humanized, without the need for workers to operate. The fault alarm automatically prompts the operator to locate the fault and the phenomenon of the fault and the method of fault detection and treatment.
Organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine can realize remote monitoring of manufacturer, promptly remind customers of maintenance problems.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Packaging Machine for Organic Fertilizer

Packaging Scope:20-50kg;
Packaging material: paper bag, woven bag ( single layer covered with film )
Packing speed: 500-800bag/h
Feeding mode: gravity feeding or belt feeding;
Packing accuracy: 2‰F,S
Air consumption:1.6m³/min  0.4MPa-0.6MPa;
Rated power:11Kw/h, AC380V±10% 50Hz。

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