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SW-ABF Fully Automatic Bagging Machine


Introduction of SW-ABF Fully Automatic Bagging Machine

SW-ABF-800 Fully automatic bagging machine is to pack the bags on the lower outlet of the packaging scale to replace the original manual bagging. After the bags are put into the lower outlet, the materials fall into the packaging bags to complete the automatic weighing and filling process of the materials. Automatic weighing and automatic folding sealing process is the same as the original, without any change.  Fully automatic bagging machine replaces manual bagging completely, which is the inevitable choice of machine replacing manual bagging. It is a trend of the times. It can repeat long-term work, save labor costs and reduce management costs. In China in 2016, 99.99% of all packaging scales are semi-automatic manual bagging. Fully automatic bagging machines will have an infinite market in 10 years.

Fully automatic bagging machine is a working process between automatic weighing and automatic folding sealing. All fully automatic bagging machines must cooperate with automatic weighing and automatic sealing to reflect their value. Automatic bagging machine automatic bagging machine can not work independently, the control part and detection mechanism are integrated with automatic weighing and automatic folding sealing mechanism in a system to realize the complete operation of the whole packaging process, linkage and testing.

Fully automatic bagging machine fully realizes the function of human: pick up empty bags, open the bags, and put them into the outlet. People can use their eyes to see if it is fit and whether it is standard; automatic bagging machine uses sensors to detect whether it is fit and whether it is standard. Whether the sealing system behind the automatic weighing system in front is normal or not, if it is abnormal, stop bagging and wait for the system to be repaired. During the operation of the automatic bag feeder, the following mechanisms need to be measured: whether the automatic weighing system is normal, whether the material weight is excessive, whether the bag is accurately inserted, whether the sealing machine is broken, whether the stacking equipment is normal, etc.

The market of automatic bagging machine is infinite. The key is how to meet the different sizes of customers'special packaging machines. The automatic bagging machine of standard products can not meet the special installation size requirements of customers. The high cost and long cycle of making non-standard automatic bagging machine result in the high price of automatic bagging machine, the high price of automatic bagging machine, which affects the promotion; the low price of automatic bagging machine affects the enthusiasm of manufacturers.

Strictly speaking, the full-automatic bagging machine should use various packaging bags, including paper bags, plastic bags, composite packaging bags, which can meet the needs of various packaging scales and link with automatic sealing and folding. SW-ABF-CK and SW-ABF-CF, which are suitable for valve pockets and open pockets, are two completely different products. The mechanical structure and installation size are completely different. The nature of bags determines the difference between the two kinds of bagging methods. Material shapes and properties are different, and automatic bagging machines are also different.

The working process of SW-ABF automatic bagging machine:

1. Packaging bag separation: the process of separating empty bags from stacks of bags. The sucker sucks the empty bags from the top. The lifting cylinder pulls the bags up. The transfer device drags the bags forward and reaches the opening position.
2. Opening bags: When empty bags reach the designated position, the upper and lower suckers press the bags at the same time, pull the opening of the bags up and down, grab the bags hand deep into the bags, grab the upper and lower sides of the bags at the same time, and complete the opening and grabbing of the bags.
3. Packaging bag bagging and bagging: After the bag is grabbed by the bag handler, the bag mouth is extended, the size is larger than the lower opening of the packing scale, the rocker arm is turned up, and the bagging bag is put into the lower opening to complete the process of bagging and bagging of the packaging bag; after the bag is put into the lower opening, the front and rear cylinders are clamped under the control of the output signal of the controller, and the clamping signal is transmitted to the master control instrument at the same time. After the instrument receives the signal, the material is put into the packaging bag to complete the automatic packaging process.

Functional features of SW-ABF automatic bagging machine:

1. Fully automatic bagging machine realizes separation and empty bag picking.

2. Separate the pocket opening of the full-automatic bagging machine and grasp the pocket hand automatically.

3. Automatically inserting empty bags in automatic bagging machine;

4. Automatic detection of bagging machine process action to avoid misoperation;

5. Fully automatic bagging machine has a wide range of applications to meet the needs of various discharging and opening ports.

6. Fully automatic bagging machine with high-end configuration, stable performance;

7. All kinds of interfaces of automatic bagging machine are available, which can be easily linked with automatic weighing unit and automatic conveying folding package unit.

8. Fully automatic bagging machine fully simulates manual action, smart and intelligent;

9. Full-automatic bagging machine is fully sealed in four directions, front and back, and there is no dust leakage during the blanking process.

10. Fully automatic bagging machine equipped with complete dust removal equipment, green environmental protection and dust-free;

11. Fully automatic bagging machine has fast bagging speed and full automatic intelligent bag feeding.

12. Fully automatic bagging machine has neat bag shape and no wrinkles after bagging.

Technical parameters of SW-ABF automatic bagging machine:

Product Model: SW-ABF-CK

Packing materials: particulate matter

Packing range: 20-50 kg

Packing bag type: open pocket

Packing speed: 800 - 1200 packs per hour

Packing materials: paper bags, woven bags (at least one coating)

Product model: SW-ABF-CF

Packing materials: powder materials

Packing range: 20-50 kg

Packing bag type: valve pocket

Packing speed: 400 - 600 packs per hour

Guidelines for SW-ABF Purchase of Fully Automatic Bagging Machine:

SW-ABF-CK fully automatic bagging machine is suitable for open-pocket packaging machines such as flour packaging bags and flour packaging machines; SW-ABF-CF fully automatic bagging machine is suitable for valve pocket packaging machines, such as cement packaging bags, filling bags also use sealer scales and valve mouth bagging machine bagging machine.

1. First of all, confirm the shape of the bag opening: valve pocket or open pocket.

2. Dimensions of packing bags and pockets.

3. Physical characteristics of filling materials: shape, performance, moisture content, fluidity, temperature, etc.

4. Installation size, whether it has enough installation location

5. Weighing Packaging Unit: Net or Gross Weighing

6. Transport mode and folding sealing mode of packing bags after filling materials

7. The automatic weighing unit and the conveying and sealing unit must be linked, otherwise the unmanned and accurate work can not be realized.

8. Is the environment anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and dust-proof?

9. The output of the whole production line, the maximum product per hour is how many tons, how many bags need to be packed.

10. Equipment manufacturers should have good performance. Basically, automatic bagging machine belongs to scientific and technological precision products. It needs high-end configuration and good system integration. The stable operation of the equipment is the first, there are no small problems in the big problems, which will seriously affect the operation of the entire production line.


SW-ABF automatic bagging machine after-sales service and use considerations:

1. After the equipment is sold, we will send professional technicians to install and debug the equipment so as to ensure the normal, stable and orderly operation of the equipment. At the same time, we will train the user's operators in the operation and maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure that the operators are skilled in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.
2. Actively provide technical guidance for the problems encountered by customers in the use process. When the users can not solve the problems, send technical personnel to the customer site to solve them, and make regular visits to customers;
3. If the equipment accessories are damaged, the company will replace them free of charge during the repairing period. If the equipment is beyond the warranty period, we will replace them at the most favorable price to ensure that the users have no worries.
4. Provide users with complete equipment electrical information and operation instructions;
5. Detailed matters needing attention in the use of equipment should be referred to the instructions.

SW-ABF Video Case of Fully Automatic Bagging Machine:



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