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Which factories in China produce full-automatic bag packers? How about the effect of full-a

Which factories in China produce full-automatic bag packers? How about the effect of full-automatic bag packers? This issue is the hottest topic for many manufacturers. However, the domestic full-automatic packaging machine manufacturers are indeed mixed, making many of the purchase of full-automatic packaging machine headache, when choosing full-automatic packaging machine can not find direction.
Before we talked about why the full-automatic packaging machine industry is mixed. Let's give an example of my own experience. Some time ago, in August 2016, I went to Sunshine Group Fertilizer Branch of Donghai City, Jiangsu Province with the company to participate in a bidding activity. When we arrived at Sunshine Group, it was about 9:30. After communicating with the chief engineer of Sunshine Group, and considering the strength of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, we recommended our full-automatic fertilizer packaging machine to Ren General. Ren General rejected it. We solemnly told us that we did not consider the full-automatic packaging machine. This tender designated semi-automatic packaging machine, and later took charge of the total belt. After showing us around their workshop. We just know that in 2014, Jiangsu Sunshine Donghai Fertilizer Industry Branch has purchased a set of bag-type automatic packaging machine equipments plus a set of semi-automatic packaging machine, which is of great value. A bag-type automatic packaging machine plus semi-automatic packaging machine and a Japanese palletizer total value of more than 1.5 million. The key is that the efficiency of automatic packaging machine is not as good as manual packaging. Speed, equipment failures continue, basically unable to produce, now rust spots, tragic, in just over two years has corroded into a pile of scrap iron, only semi-automatic packaging machine can barely maintain operation, leakage is still very serious. This fully automatic packaging machine is made by an enterprise in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. To tell you the truth, this enterprise is quite famous. It can make such a fully automatic packaging machine. All the people, including our general manager, feel very unexpected. We will not say anything about that fully automatic packaging machine enterprise.
 After listening to the above personal experience, we must be more cautious when choosing and purchasing full-automatic packaging machines. We can not help asking whether the domestic full-automatic packaging machines are really so bad. The answer is No. Then I will introduce to you from the perspective of half the industry which factories in China produce full-automatic bag packers? How about the effect of full-automatic bag packers?

Domestic manufacturers of automatic bag-feeding packaging machines are divided into two groups: the South and the north. The enterprises of automatic bag-feeding machines in the south are relatively centralized, with the Pearl River Delta and Wuxi in the Yangtze River Delta as the main manufacturing bases. The enterprises in the Pearl River Delta mainly focus on the research and development of automatic bag-feeding machines, while the enterprises in Wuxi in the Yangtze River Delta and its surrounding areas mainly produce large bags for automatic bag-feeding machines. Packaging, mainly on behalf of manufacturers Wuxi Simler, Wuxi Lima, Zhejiang Hualian, Wenzhou Codi Machinery, Anhui Hefei Buller Machinery, Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Equipment, Foshan Sanrun, Guangzhou Senyang Automatic Packaging, Shanghai Jingsen and other enterprises in the industry for a relatively long time, more obvious performance, credibility and quality are relatively reliable.
Comparing with the full automatic packaging enterprises in the south, the full automatic packaging machine enterprises in the north are scattered and scattered. The better ones are the factual automation in Harbin, Heilongjiang, Shenyang Xinghui, Songli, Zaozhuang, Huayue in Tianjin, Kesheng in Shijiazhuang, and so on. These enterprises are well-established in the industry. They can stand the test in terms of quality and reputation of the company. Proven. The most important thing is that whether the above-mentioned enterprises in the South or in the north, there are a lot of achievements for customers to inspect and dispel many doubts.
Taking Harbin Boshi Automation as an example, the company is absolutely the leading enterprise in the field of automatic packaging machine. Its main achievements include the production line of industrial oxalic acid automatic packaging machine of Shandong Fengyuan Group, Bolong Powder Engineering of Shanghai, Sinopec, China Food Group and so on. These enterprises are the users of Haboshi Group. The Haboshi enterprise itself is a large listed enterprise with a market value of 1. 00 billion. It can be said that Harbor is a good choice for many large enterprises, but it is not the best choice for many small and medium-sized enterprises. The reason lies in the fact that the products are not available and the prices are surprisingly high. However, enterprises like Wuxi Lima and Zaozhuang Three-Dimensional have different performances in the automatic packaging machine industry, but their prices are relatively affordable. Taking Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, the company has been a packaging machine and equipment enterprise for 20 years from 1996 to 2016. It has guaranteed its quality and reputation and achieved outstanding results, such as the fertilizer full-automatic packaging machine of Hubei Xiangyun Group, the full-automatic packaging machine production line of Zhenhai Industry and Trade of Ningbo Branch of Sinopec, the Green Source Fertilizer Page of Harbin and the Western Compound Fertilizer, etc. Industry application performance, and the price of fully automatic packaging machine is more affordable, can be said to be the preferred choice of many small and medium-sized enterprises.
From the above, we can see that there are still many good things to do in the domestic enterprises of automatic bag packing machine. We should choose the best one according to the actual situation of our own enterprises. After choosing several manufacturers of automatic packaging machine, the next step is to inspect the company's past performance, if the performance is reliable. Reputation is no problem, and the price is suitable, basically there will be no problem.

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