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Problems in the Use of Packaging Machine

Please call Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. for maintenance telephone 86- 0632-3359032, and briefly explain the phenomenon of failure. The company will arrange professional staff to contact you at the first time.

The company will appoint professional and experienced after-sales personnel to guide maintenance. Do not dismantle or contact our after-sales staff directly (privately) in order to avoid causing greater losses. Do not disassemble the equipment by yourself unless you are instructed by the engineers assigned by the company!!! Because the equipment may not be out of order at all. If you need to buy products or accessories, please call Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Telephone 86-0632-3359032.

一、 Incorrect packing - high weight or low weight:

1. The setting of instrument parameters is unreasonable.

(1) The range of zero points is too large, resulting in excessive error;

(2) The time delay after bagging is too short;

(3) The setting of fast or slow increments is unreasonable;

(4) The setting of prohibited comparative time is unreasonable.

2. Voltage instability of power supply;

3. Material in warehouse is too much or too little.

4. The scale body shakes and is fixed with bolts.

5. Cylinder or sensor locking screw loosening;

6. Grounding error, instrument and power repetitive grounding;

7. Slow increase is too big.

8. Installation of cylinder is unreasonable and operation is not smooth.

9. Solenoid valve aging or poor maintenance, the operation of the solenoid valve is not smooth;

10. The unclean air source causes dirty things in the solenoid valve and cylinder, which affects the pop-up of the solenoid valve and the operation of the cylinder.

11. Sensor aging, the output is not linear: detection sensor.

二、Equipment does not work:

    Firstly, confirm the correct calibration of instrument weight and the correct setting of packing target value, fast and slow, and then confirm the correct gas link. Eliminate the above two points, the equipment is not running before the following checks:

1. First, ventilate, adjust the air pressure to 0.5-0.7MPa, then manually test whether the feeding cylinder, feeding cylinder and pocket cylinder can be opened: manually press the manual button of solenoid valve to see if the corresponding cylinder can be opened smoothly. It is possible to open the cylinder with normal instructions and check the corresponding cylinder without opening it (pneumatic connection and mechanical structure to see if it is extruded and loosened, mechanical structure rusting and target too heavy to exceed the cylinder force).
2. Multimeter Voltage:
A. Power Supply/
B. The output voltage of the switching power supply is 24VDC. The output of the switching power supply is detected to see whether the Plc is damaged or not (the operation indicator is green for operation and red for stopping).
C. Power the instrument, start the instrument, check the instructions of the instrument and the operation instructions of the front panel.
(1) Compare the display of front panel with the instructions, see whether the instrument is running, fast and slow to confirm whether the instrument has been started;
(2) Turn the pocket switch to see if the proximity switch has an output (signal light is on or no output) and confirm that the output has been input to the instrument or PLC (check the connection between the proximity switch and the instrument and plc) to check whether the fixed screw is loose.
(3) Look at the status of the indicator light of the clamp bag, fast-loading, slow-loading solenoid valve (bright or not), and follow the connection to find out whether the above output point - - - whether the relay output - - - whether the instrument (plc) output.

 三、The list of common faults and reference troubleshooting methods shows:


Fault phenomenon Fault diagnosis Processing method
No display Power Wire Opening Check power supply
Digital display is unstable, the number jumps beyond the allowable range Sensor damage or sensor cable joint loosening Replacement of sensors or repair joints
Digital display is stable and normal but not in accordance with actual weight Abnormal connection of internal and external stents Check that there are no other force transmission channels between internal and external brackets except soft connection, such as mutual friction, winding of tracheal wires, etc.
Small and large winches, bag clamping mechanism (machinery) do not move or misoperate 1. Mechanical failure
2. no power supply
3. Insufficient air pressure
4. Input and Output Signal Failure
5. Control program failure (usually not occurring)
1. Check whether there is blockage, jamming, loose connection and drop phenomenon and eliminate it.
2. Check the power supply
3. Check whether the air pressure value meets the requirement and whether there is reciprocal phenomenon of air leakage connection.
4. Check whether the contact of the stroke switch is out of order
5. Re-enter programs or replace components
Static Accuracy Error 1. Amplification gain variation
2. Degradation of Sensor Accuracy
1. Clear the debris on the electronic platform scale and re-calibrate it.
2. Replacement of sensors
Excessive dynamic accuracy or long weighing period 1. The digital display does not match the actual weight.
2. Sometimes there is no material in the hopper.
3. Slow feeding too fast
4. Improper air material setting
1. Static calibration to ensure accuracy
2. Ensure hopper filling
3. Reducing slow feed rate
4. Adjust or re-measure the empty weight
Asynchronism of lift cylinder 1. Unqualified debugging
2. Leakage of tracheal plug
3. Solenoid Valve Aging
4. Solenoid valve stuck in dirt
1. Re-debugging
2. Replacement of tracheal plugs
3. Replacement of solenoid valves
4. Remove dirt and clean solenoid valves

四、 Maintenance:

 1. In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the equipment, special personnel are required to be responsible for regular maintenance and maintenance.

2. Check regularly whether the fasteners at each connecting part are loose or fall off.

3. Check the loosening and leakage of cylinder, solenoid valve and trachea connection frequently, and whether the connecting rod of cylinder is rusty. If rust is rusty, the equipment must be started after the rust is removed. Otherwise, the rust scratches the sealing parts of cylinder and causes air leakage of cylinder. Seals should be replaced in time when necessary.

4. When the machine stops for a long time, the residual materials in the equipment should be removed to prevent the accumulation of mildew and rust.

5. Every shift should check the working condition of the equipment and maintain it clean and hygienic.

6. Every shift should lubricate the lubricating parts of the equipment once. (Read the instructions of sewing machine carefully to keep lubrication.)


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