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Solution of Powder Material Packaging for Automatic Packaging Machine

We all know that in the process of packing particulate matter, the automatic packaging machine can solve the problem by gravity feeding, and the cutting process will be very smooth, but the packing powder materials can not guarantee the smooth cutting, and the phenomenon of sticking and jamming often occurs, especially when the number of packages is more than 100 mesh, the phenomenon of sticking and jamming will be more serious, accompanied by the whole packing powder materials. At the same time, dust pollution is more serious. How to solve the problem of blanking and dust pollution has become a difficult problem for most automatic packaging machine manufacturers.


Zaozhuang Sunweigh Technology Co., Ltd. has designed a set of solutions to the problems of powder material packaging difficulty and serious dust pollution according to the needs of customers. Firstly, we have to solve the problem of packing powder materials. Based on years of research and development experience, the company considers that the reason of sticking and jamming powder materials in the process of discharging is that the materials are lighter and have a certain amount of moisture, which often adheres to the wall of the bin of the automatic packaging machine. Even if the vibration device is installed, it will not help, since this passive gravity feeding mode can not. To ensure the smooth operation of production, then why not use the active feeding method, that is, through the device like a human hand pushing powder materials forward. In this way, the material will not be affected by the light material and certain moisture content, so what kind of way to push the material forward, our technicians first think of the belt conveyor, through the belt conveyor to convey the material to the mouth, into the packaging bag, but through the experiment, it is found that the effect of the belt conveyor in conveying powder materials containing less moisture is still good, but in the noodles. The effect of powder materials with higher moisture content is not obvious, and the dust pollution will be more serious even when the materials with less moisture content are packaged. Gravity feeding and belt feeding can not meet the needs of powder packaging. Technicians found that in the process of feeding, powder materials are usually conveyed by screw conveyor. Whether screw feeding can also be used in the blanking of automatic packaging machine? After repeated tests by technicians, it is found that screw feeding is powder. In the process of screw conveying, it is like a hand pushing the material forward, and this effect is exactly what powder materials need in the process of cutting in the automatic packaging machine. Through screw feeding, most powder materials can be quickly cut through screw feeding, and there is hardly any sticky material in the packaging process. The phenomenon of stuffing. The screw feeding automatic packaging machine completely solved the problem of powder material packaging.



The screw feeding automatic packaging machine developed by Zaozhuang Three-Dimensional Technology Co., Ltd. meets the requirements of automatic packaging of powder materials. The company's technicians are not satisfied with the status quo, repeatedly optimize the spiral feeding mode, out of their own unique spiral feeding mode. Now the powder automatic packaging machine produced by Zaozhuang Three-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd. has basically met the packaging needs of all powder materials.

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