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Feasibility Scheme of Packing and Palletizing Lithium Carbonate and Sodium Sulfate in Ganfe

一.List of Main Equipment

Number Equipment name Unit Quantity
1 Automatic Quantitative Packaging Machine (Single Bucket) Set 2
2 Hemming Machine Set 2
3 Seam Conveyor Set 3
4 30 Square Dust Collector Set 2
5 Bag Conveyor Set 1
6 Buffer Conveyor Set 2
7 Climbing Conveyor Set 1
8 Transition Conveyor Set 1
9 Shaping Conveyor Set 1
10 Standby Conveyor Set 1
11 Manipulator Palletizer Set 1
12 Automatic Support Device Set 1
13 Stainless Steel Palletizing Gripper Set 1
14 Tray Conveyor Set 2
15 Safety Barrier Set 1

(Detailed sizes are shown in the specific drawings)
二、Equipment Configuration List

Number Equipment Name Brand\Manufacturer
1 Control system and control cabinet ZaozhuangSunweigh
2 Hemming Machine Hebei Qingsuture (single needle and double thread)
3 Weighing instrument Gemman, Canada
4 The weighing sensor CIC electrical survey
5 PLC controller German Siemens
6 Cylinder  Festo/SMC,
7 Solenoid valve Germany Festo
8 Roller Zhejiang Central Axis/ZaozhuangSunweigh
9 Bearing NSK
10 Dust removal fan Dantu, Jiangsu
11 Proximity switch German Double Fortune
12 Other electrical components Siemens/Zhengtai
13 Frequency converter MITSUBISHI Japan
14 Gear motor German SEW
15 Manipulator palletizer KUKA, Germany
16 Grab of Stainless Steel Palletizer ZaozhuangSunweigh

Note: 1. Packaging machine: 304 stainless steel material is in contact with the material. Other carbon steels.
2. Dust collector: 5.5KW power fan. Dust removal area: 30 square meters. Dust removal air volume: 400-7000㎥/H. The contact part with the material is 304 stainless steel. The filter element is industrial filter cloth.
3. Conveyor: Baffle and belt-free conveyor idler are made of stainless steel.
4. Sealing machine: Sealing machine is single needle and double thread type, sewing conveyor with emergency stop switch.
Equipment color: protective shield, safety fence, etc. is the international safety color - GSB05-1426-2001-Y06 light yellow. The color of the equipment body is ice gray from GSB05-1426-2001 77GY09.
三、Public Works
Power Supply
Power supply: AC380V: 50HZ: 4 line:
Voltage fluctuation: maximum (±10%) maximum (±5%)
Power Interface Location: The new packing workshop packing machine and palletizer are within 10 meters.
The electricity consumption is:

Number Equipment Name Unit Quantity Total power(KW)
1 Semi-automatic Packing Machine for Small Bags Set 2 6
2 Duster Set 2 11
3 Conveyor Set   30
4 Robot Palletizer Set 1 13
5 Automatic pallet Library Set 1 10
6 Total: 70

Gas source
Compressed air pressure range: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
The gas consumption of the whole packaging system is 50㎥/H.
Air source interface location: The position of packing machine and palletizer in newly built packing workshop is within 10 meters.

四、Detailed Introduction of Main Equipment
4.1 Powdery Quantitative Packaging Machine (DCS-F-D-50)
The machine needs manual assistance in bagging, automatic weighing, bag clamping, filling, automatic conveying and sewing.
The screw feeding method is adopted to ensure the cutting speed and accuracy through instrument control.
Solve some special chemical raw material packaging problems, wide range of application, simple operation;
With high precision sensor and intelligent weighing controller, the measurement accuracy is high and the performance is stable.
Electrical appliances and pneumatic components are imported original parts with long service life and high stability.
The control cabinet is sealed and suitable for harsh dust environment.
Automatic correction of material overshoot, automatic zero tracking, overshoot detection and suppression, alarm of overshoot and undershoot;
Weighing range: 20-50Kg
Grading value: 10g
Weighing accuracy: 0.2% F, S
Weighing speed: 200-300 bag/h

4.2 Robot Palletizer (KR1200)

A manipulator takes into account both palletizing positions and palletizes them on their respective pallets. Or two packers can be stacked after they are parallel.
1. Packing bag finishing: After finished product conveyor and shaping conveyor, the material is compacted and filled with packing bag evenly to keep the bag shape flat;
2. Inspection and grabbing: the packed bags arrive at the grabbing roller, after the manipulator detects that there are bags (packing boxes) on the grabbing roller, the manipulator reaches the positioning point and turns to the packaging bag (packing box), and the manipulator opens and picks up the packaging bags for steering, stacks and stacks them in accordance with the set-up group;
3. Palletizing conveying: the packed bags (packing boxes) are stacked according to the stacking type set up, and are transported by the finished pallet conveyor. Two pallets can be stored in each line. After palletizing, the pallets are directly removed by forklift or travelling vehicle to complete the palletizing process.
4. Pallet warehouse supply pallets: After the palletizing process is completed, when empty pallets are needed, the pallet lifting mechanism lifts the whole empty pallet, leaving the bottom pallet. The conveyor conveys the bottom pallet to the manipulator palletizer for palletizing, and the pallet elevator lowers the remaining empty pallets, thus completing the transportation of a layer of empty pallets.Manipulator palletizer continues to palletize, cycle in turn.

Main Equipment: Introduction of German Kuka Manipulator
Famous Brand of Origin: Kuka, Germany
Product Model: KR120-3200 High-load Robot Manipulator
Product uses:
Suitable for handling, loading and unloading, packaging and picking, other operations, welding and brazing, shielded gas welding, spot welding, laser welding, other welding, brazing, metal die casting machine, casting equipment, glue coating and sealing materials, other coatings, processing, laser cutting, water jet cutting, mechanical processing, other processing methods, installation, fixing, plastic processing equipment, placement, loading, etc. Clamp, other kinds of installation, disassembly, maintenance applications, other applications, casting equipment, forming machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, operation of other machine tools, measurement, testing or inspection, loading plate.

Performance characteristics:

Maximize diversity and flexibility with minimal investment costs. More sophisticated, compact and stable. The omnipotent robot has set a new benchmark in terms of accuracy, performance, energy consumption and availability. KR120 R3200 "is the best solution to adapt to narrow workspace in the application field with load capacity up to 120 kg and radius of action up to 3200 mm. It has a variety of assembly options.
Strong structure, high performance reducer and motor ensure that the stacking process can reach up to 27 cycles per minute. Because of its delicate base and small footprint, the robot occupies only a small space.

Technical parameter

load 120kg
Additional load 50kg
Maximum scope of action 3195mm
Axle number 5
Repetitive accuracy ±0.06mm
weight 1093kg
Installation location ground
Control system KR C4
Protection level IP 55
Electricity consumption
12KW (AC380V 50Hz)
Gas consumption 100~200NL/min (0.5-0.8Mpa)

Palletizing mode: "2+3" or other on-site palletizing mode

Kuka Robot is one of the four major brands of robots in the world. Its main advantages are simple operation, flexible operation, integrated arm forming bionic joints, accurate positioning.

(1) Reasonable mechanical structure and compact design

4 DOF AC Servo Motor

Absolute position coder

All axles have brakes

The design of specific load and motion inertia optimizes speed and motion characteristics

The additional load on the arm has no movement restriction on the rated load.

7 m long cable between the main body and the controller, and can be extended as needed

Characteristic description:

Large rotating range and higher working efficiency

Modular mechanical structure design, rapid replacement of any part

High Precision Electronic Zero Point Calibration

Adjustable manipulator, greater space and flexibility

The optimization of dynamic model in high-speed motion curve has a higher acceleration performance than that of ordinary robot by 25%, which is more conducive to improving system life and optimizing working rhythm.

(2) KUKA Robot Controller KRC2

Standard Industrial Control Computer PENTIUM II Processor

Operating system based on Windows platform can choose many languages (including Chinese) online.

Support a variety of standard industrial control buses, including Interbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Canbus, Controlnet, EtherNet, Remote I/O and so on.

Standard ISA, PCI slot, easy to expand. It can directly insert various standard Modems into high-speed Internet to realize remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Programming in High Level Language

Standard Control Software Function Package, Suitable for Various Applications

6D Motion Control Mouse to Convenient the Number of Motion Trajectories

Automatic restart of power failure without re-entry procedure

The system is equipped with oscilloscope function to facilitate error diagnosis and system optimization.

Software can be updated and upgraded automatically

Industrial Control PLC of KUKA Standard

Basic configuration: CPU: 2.0 GHZ memory: 256 MB RAM hard disk: 20G

Serial Port: COM1, COM2, COM3, 9-pin or 15-pin standard parallel port and printer interface

Motherboard: Standard industrial control computer motherboard, including PCI, ISA, USB interface

Standard CD-ROM and floppy drive standard graphics card with external display


It has good openness, can be directly connected with multiple function cards, easy to expand and has good versatility.

The program can be easily backed up and restored, and can be completed in a short time.

It can be connected with external display, mouse and keyboard to facilitate the reading and writing of programs.

Update the system at any time

Large capacity hard disk, basically unlimited to program instructions, and long-term storage of related operations and system logs

Support multiple bus protocols, easy to connect with bus interface board, plug and play

Once a system error occurs, it can be recovered in the shortest time. It can be easily connected to the network and monitored and managed.

Easy to disassemble and maintain

(3) KUKA Control Programmer

LCD color display, VGA mode, 640 x 480, 256 colors

6D space mouse with keyboard motion control. The teaching process is simple, just like game operation, three-enabled switch, easy to operate safely.

Four working modes can communicate with PC through Canbus at will according to actual needs, which makes real-time performance stronger.

Electric control system

The control system has the functions of automatic control, detection, protection and alarm.

When the workpiece specification or production program changes, the robot welding trajectory can be re-taught by the teaching box or the related control program can be re-programmed to meet the new production needs.

The start, stop, suspension and emergency stop of the system are all carried out through the operation panel. The operation status of the system and the alarm of the system can be displayed on the operating disk, and at the same time, the operation status of the system can be notified to the display lamp. In addition, the robot control cabinet (KRC2), teaching box and operating panel are equipped with emergency stop buttons. In case of emergency, the system can be stopped by pressing the emergency stop button and send out alarm signals at the same time.

The main operating panels of the workstation include touch screen, manual/automatic mode selection switch, robot ready with light button, grasp ready with light button, alarm reset button, pause button, emergency stop button, etc.
五、Design and Manufacturing Standards

GB/T 27738-2011      Production Specification for Quantitative Packaging Machines

GB/T 7724-2008        Electronic Weighing Instrument

QB-T1078-2004        Electronic hopper scale
 HG/T 20547-2000    Regulations on the Measurement Accuracy of Packaging of Chemical Powder Products

GB/T 10595-2009    Belt Conveyor

HG/T 20663-1999    Design Regulations for Metrology, Packaging and Palletizing System of Chemical Powder Product
GB50231-2009        Code for  Construction and Acceptance of Mechanical Equipment Installation Engineering
GB50270-2010        Code for Construction and Acceptance of Conveyor Equipment Installation Engineering 


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