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What kinds of packing scales are there

Packaging scale is also called packaging machine, because in the process of packaging materials, most of the packaging machine to material weighing packaging, so the name of the packaging machine also has the name of packaging scale. In daily production, due to the limitation of the nature of packaging materials, packaging environment requirements, the development of the packaging machine itself, there are dozens of types of packaging scale.


For example, according to the nature of the material classification, we can be divided into powder material packaging scale, particle material packaging scale, mixture material packaging scale three categories, and these three categories of packaging scale according to the different functions can be divided into dozens or even hundreds of small categories. For example, the powder material packing scale mainly packs crystals and powder materials whose mesh number is less than 100 meshes. Most of these packing scales adopt spiral feeding mode to ensure the smooth discharge of materials. The nature of powder materials determines that most of the powder materials will produce dust pollution in the packaging process, such as starch, flour, potassium nitrate and so on, which requires dust removal operations in the packaging process, some powder materials need explosion-proof treatment, so a part of the special functional properties of the package is subdivided. Load the scale. In the process of packing fertilizer, because of the strong corrosiveness of fertilizer's own characteristics, the packaging scale is required to carry out anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the smooth progress of production. The same is true for mixed material packaging scales.


According to the requirements of the packaging environment, we can divide the packaging scale into explosion-proof packaging scale, corrosion-proof packaging scale, contact materials corrosion-proof packaging scale and both explosion-proof and corrosion-proof packaging scale. Explosion-proof packaging scale is mainly aimed at some flammable and explosive materials in powder materials. Once these materials reach a certain concentration in the air, it is easy to cause safety accidents, which puts forward higher requirements for packaging scale. Anticorrosive packaging scale is suitable for packaging operations in harsh environments with strong corrosiveness, such as manufacturer of fertilizer, manufacturer of organic fertilizer, chemical products and so on.
According to the development of packaging scale, it can also be divided into packaging scale, semi-automatic packaging scale and automatic packaging scale. The early weighing system of packing scale can not be combined with the packing scale itself. Packaging and separation are separated. With the development of electronic technology, the emergence of electronic quantitative packing scale combines weighing and packaging. This is the semi-automatic packing scale we often use now. This kind of packing scale needs to be packed manually, part of it is semi-automatic. The automatic packing scale does not even have the function of automatic folding sewing. The automatic packing scale is an electronic quantitative packing scale controlled freely by the PLC control system. The automatic packing scale can complete the functions of automatic bagging, automatic bagging, automatic weighing and packaging, automatic folding seam and automatic output, and realize the unmanned operation.

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